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Mboga Tuu/Jim's Fresh - is a fresh produce of Fruits & Vegetables

Jim's Fresh

Jim’s Fresh’s objective is to produce and export “nutrient dense vegetables”. The company has already started introducing modern horticulture growing methods. One of the key goals of the company is to move away from chemical based farming to biological and sustainable based farming. This will enable the company to take advantage of the Co2 emission credit to stay competitive in export market.
With the growing demands and regulations from the EU markets, Mboga Tuu had to change her ways of doing business from the old school of thoughts to what we are currently doing.  To this end, it became necessary to register a growing company by the name Jim’s Fresh Vegetable Growers & Exporters. The aim has been to ensure that what is exported by Mboga Tuu is grown by the sister company to ensure better quality management systems in line with Good Agricultural Practices.

This has ensured that the entire portfolio is sourced from within the farms (Jimsfresh) thus guaranteeing the clients of consistent , reliable and quality products grown to international standards(Global Gap /TNC standards). We are currently working on F2F and ETI standards. The farms cover a total acreage of 400 Acres existing in Units of 100 acres each and are all situated in Kajiado County along Namanga Rd. The location of our production units gives us added advantage given its proximity to JKIA as it is only 40 minutes drive and road network is excellent.
The following farms are under Jim's Fresh: 

Isinya -IV


Our Products

Chillies-Birds-eye.jpgGreenchilli.gifOkra.jpgPassion-Fruit-OIl.jpgPawPaw_Tree_1.JPGbeans.jpgbeans1.jpgbroccoli.jpgbullets.jpgchiili.jpgdudhi.jpggreen-mangoes.jpgimages.jpgkarela1.jpglong chillis.jpgpapdi.jpgpawpaw2.jpgproducts.jpgravaiya.jpgravaiya1.jpgsnowpeas.jpgsnowpeas2.jpgsugarsnaps.jpgvalorbean.jpgvegetables-fresh-beans-200g-500x500.jpgyellowpassion.jpg