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Mboga Tuu/Jim's Fresh - is a fresh produce of Fruits & Vegetables


Mboga Tuu/Jim's Fresh  is very strong on ethnic line comprising of chilies(Bullet/short, Long , Thin, Bandai “birds eye”, and lately Serenade), Egg Plants (Aubergine and Ravaya) , Karella, Dudhi, Valore, Papri, Okra and Bobby Beans. All these are for Mboga Tuu direct markets in the UK.

In order to ensure that Good Agricultural Practices are adhered to (proper crop rotation), the Farm Management has sought to do the English line of assorted vegetables and since the same is not our primary products, we had to partner with Vegpro Group who are strong in the English Market.
Today, we do huge volumes of the English Vegetables comprising fine beans,  sugar snaps, mangetout, Runner beans (with and without lights), baby corns and commercial trials for TSB is currently on and will soon be a major crop for the English market. These English line products are sold in leading UK supermarkets and outlets including JS,M&S,Provenance etc


Our Products

Chillies-Birds-eye.jpgGreenchilli.gifOkra.jpgPassion-Fruit-OIl.jpgPawPaw_Tree_1.JPGbeans.jpgbeans1.jpgbroccoli.jpgbullets.jpgchiili.jpgdudhi.jpggreen-mangoes.jpgimages.jpgkarela1.jpglong chillis.jpgpapdi.jpgpawpaw2.jpgproducts.jpgravaiya.jpgravaiya1.jpgsnowpeas.jpgsnowpeas2.jpgsugarsnaps.jpgvalorbean.jpgvegetables-fresh-beans-200g-500x500.jpgyellowpassion.jpg