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Mboga Tuu/Jim's Fresh - is a fresh produce of Fruits & Vegetables

Pack House

Mboga Tuu is renowned fresh vegetable exporter established in 1987. We offer a large range of Kenyan  vegetables such as assorted chilies (bullet, long chili, thin chili and Bandai chili) Egg plant (Aubergine and Ravaya) Karella, Valore, Bobby Beans, Dudhee, Papri, Tuwer, Chori, Okra, Yellow and Purple Passion fruit and many more.
Kenyan Vegetables are very popular in the international market. We only trade in the best breed and supply them in the shortest possible time keeping the freshness intact. All Vegetable categories are tested for quality and each of the items contains a check mark. At our pack house we have state of the art cooling facilities capable of holding over ten tons of vegetables to ensure freshness is consistent.  
Quality packaging is done to preserve the freshness of the Vegetables. We trade vegetables in different packaging and offer safe shipping facilities.
After harvesting our  vegetables need to be prepared for sale, this is done at our pack house located adjacent to the international airport to allow quick deliveries. Preparation for the fresh market comprises four basic key operations:
1)Removal of unmarketable vetegables
2)Sorting by maturity and/or size
Our pack house can be defined as a place protected from weather for both, product and personnel. It is organized in such a way that product is prepared in a centralized handling operation. Our vegetables undergo a sequence of activities resulting in the final packaged product.



Our Products

Chillies-Birds-eye.jpgGreenchilli.gifOkra.jpgPassion-Fruit-OIl.jpgPawPaw_Tree_1.JPGbeans.jpgbeans1.jpgbroccoli.jpgbullets.jpgchiili.jpgdudhi.jpggreen-mangoes.jpgimages.jpgkarela1.jpglong chillis.jpgpapdi.jpgpawpaw2.jpgproducts.jpgravaiya.jpgravaiya1.jpgsnowpeas.jpgsnowpeas2.jpgsugarsnaps.jpgvalorbean.jpgvegetables-fresh-beans-200g-500x500.jpgyellowpassion.jpg