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Mboga Tuu/Jim's Fresh - is a fresh produce of Fruits & Vegetables


The entire ethnic line products are shipped mainly to the UK (London and Manchester) while one third of the products goes to Oslo (Norway) and South Africa. Our clients in Europe either wholesales or retails the products. Mboga Tuu is keen to change the situation and plans are underway to do further value addition to enable us sell directly to the supermarkets. But at the moment, the products are sent in loose packs of between 4-6 kgs packs. One credible thing with Mboga Tuu products is that they are airlifted the same day they are harvested assuring our client of always fresh produce. This is the main reason why Mboga Tuu invested in the farms (Jim's fresh) to be main supplier of its products. The location of the farms is hardly 70 kms from the Pack house and the Air port and with the good road infrastructures, delivery to the pack house is very fast. Again with the investments on the farms, we have won the confidence of our clients in Europe in terms of reliability in supply, consistent quality,  a situation that puts us second to none on this ethnic line products.
In the local market, we have partnered with Veg Pro to do certain products for two main reasons. One, since the ethnic line products fall in two main crop families, a suitable rotation program cannot be achieved without incorporating some English Vegetables. And since our main market is in the ethnic lines, we had to source for a reliable outlet for the English Vegetable thus was the preferred choice and we are so far happy. We have done serious commercial trials of English vegetables and settled on fine beans, Runner Beans, Baby corns, TSB, and lately snaps don
e mainly during the winter window (April- August). This has also stable commercial value to the operations of the farms besides enhancing Good Agricultural Practices.


Our Products

Chillies-Birds-eye.jpgGreenchilli.gifOkra.jpgPassion-Fruit-OIl.jpgPawPaw_Tree_1.JPGbeans.jpgbeans1.jpgbroccoli.jpgbullets.jpgchiili.jpgdudhi.jpggreen-mangoes.jpgimages.jpgkarela1.jpglong chillis.jpgpapdi.jpgpawpaw2.jpgproducts.jpgravaiya.jpgravaiya1.jpgsnowpeas.jpgsnowpeas2.jpgsugarsnaps.jpgvalorbean.jpgvegetables-fresh-beans-200g-500x500.jpgyellowpassion.jpg