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Mboga Tuu/Jim's Fresh - is a fresh produce of Fruits & Vegetables

Social Corporate Responsibility

Our operations in this region have never been only taking from the community but have rather been of mutual (give and take). Other than the 7 km road, electricity service line etc, we have also actively taken part in school programs, building classrooms and administration blocks to local primary school.

Other notable contributions to the community includes giving domestic and livestock water to our neighbors, giving farm wastes especially during dry periods to our pastoral neighbors for their livestock. We sponsor a football club from one of our Farm Units as we believe that work and work alone without play makes our staff less productive. Today, the team plays in the County League. 

We will continue doing this as we believe in giving back.

Our Products

Chillies-Birds-eye.jpgGreenchilli.gifOkra.jpgPassion-Fruit-OIl.jpgPawPaw_Tree_1.JPGbeans.jpgbeans1.jpgbroccoli.jpgbullets.jpgchiili.jpgdudhi.jpggreen-mangoes.jpgimages.jpgkarela1.jpglong chillis.jpgpapdi.jpgpawpaw2.jpgproducts.jpgravaiya.jpgravaiya1.jpgsnowpeas.jpgsnowpeas2.jpgsugarsnaps.jpgvalorbean.jpgvegetables-fresh-beans-200g-500x500.jpgyellowpassion.jpg