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Mboga Tuu/Jim's Fresh - is a fresh produce of Fruits & Vegetables


BOTANICAL NAME: Capsicum annum

FAMILY: Solanaceae



The chilli is native to America, its cultivated for mature and immature fruits most of which are exported.


The fruits are rich in Vitamin A and C, potassium, phosphorus and calcium. The pungence is due to the presence of chemical “capsaicin”.


Chillies are grown for their fleshy fruits which are used either green or ripe. Sweet varieties are mainly used for salads, pickles and stuffing.

Hot varieties are mainly for relishes, seasoning and sauces among other uses.


Chillies are crop of tropical and subtropical regions. The plants require optimum temperature of 20-300C. Night temperatures below 16oC and day temperatures above 32oC prevent fruit set. Water deficit causes flower and fruit drops. Excessive water leads to defoliation and rotting of plants. It requires an average rainfall of 600-1200mm per annum. Under intensive or commercial farming it is grown under irrigation. At Jim’s Fresh drip irrigation system is used to irrigate the crop during dry periods and when necessary.


A well drained well aerated soil that has not been grown other solanaceae  members like tomatoes, eggplant, chillies e.t.c for the past five years is preferred. Desirable PH for its cultivation is 6.1-7.6.

At Jim’sfresh we have black cotton soil and we are practicing good agricultural practices to ensure the soil is as suitable as possible for growing the chillies. This includes minimum tillage, incorporation of plant debris in the soil to improve on the organic matter, resting of land by leaving it fallow for certain period before next planting among other measures.


There are several varieties of chillies grown in Jim’sfresh and they include but not limited to Coyene long slim, Anahein, Freshno, Bandai (birds eye), Serenade among others.

The main variety being the Bullet chili fruits or Freshno. The bullet chillis are erect upright, conical or bullet shaped tapering to a print, about 6cm long and 2.5cm wide at the base. It has bright green colour before maturity, flesh is thick and pungent. We harvest it green.


At Jim’s fresh seeds are sown in plastic seedlings trays with suitable growing media. This ensures we minimize the transplanting shock and hence uniform take off when transplanted into the growing fields. The seedlings are transplanted 7-8 weeks after sowing. The seed rate is about 54,000 seedlings for one hectare.


The seedlings are transplanted on a well prepared land where clods have been properly broken. The spacing between rows is 45-50cm and 30-45cm within the rows. Well rotten manure that has been analyzed for microbial and chemical content and certified to be fit for use can be incorporated into the soil at a rate of 10-15 tons per hectare.


At Jim’s fresh vegetable growers and exporters’ ltd, we carry out soil analysis annually to establish the specific nutrients, pathogens or soil pests, PH, carbon among other parameters and how they change over time. Considering the analyzed factors the recommendations are made by a qualified personnel.

On quantities of fertilizer or organic matter to use and their sources based on the crop requirement s and soil analysis. However, since soil characteristics differ from place to place the use of integrated crop management approach offers the best solution in ensuring sustainable agriculture.


At Jim’sfresh vegetable growers and exporters we recognize and emphasize the fact that society requires not only sufficient , safe and affordable food produced in an ethical and environmentally friendly way , but our agricultural activities must respect the natural resources of soil , water , energy and wildlife  hence the emphasis in use of integrated crop management which incorporates integrated pest management (IPM) . IPM is the best combination of culture, biological and chemical measures to keep weeds, diseases and pests below levels that cause unacceptable losses in crop yield and quality.


Chillies for export are picked while green but fully grown before maturity every alternate day. The yield for green chillies is about 35-40 tons per hectare.

The green chillies can be harvested and kept for 8-10days in cold storage at 8-10oC with relative humidity of 85-90%

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